“It's like someone switched a light on in my head. There's many things I feel - relief, freedom, joy.” David McGuinness

Peter Bentley

Peter Bentley, Founder

Peter wrote the Intuitive Recovery course and started teaching I.R. in January 2004 having successfully beaten his addiction and ended his years of drinking and using. ‘I realised that the tactics I used to stop were often the very things I’d been advised against doing. I used to avoid high risk situations, thought of myself as having some form of illness or inadequacy, believed myself to be a victim of circumstance. It was the realisation that I could say NO, and install a simple plan to NEVER USE AGAIN, that set me free.’

‘I started Intuitive Recovery to offer people an alternative way out of their addiction, one that they owned themselves and wasn’t dependent upon years “in recovery”’.

Zachary Allan

Zack Haider, New Business Director

Zack first sat the course in January 06 having over twenty years trying to overcome addictions to various substances and in his own words, ‘decided there and then that he could take independent and decisive action to end his addiction’. He went on to work for various high profile organisations helping people to move out of treatment and into meaningful employment before being invited to come back and teach in 2007. He has since become a Senior Development Manager for Intuitive Recovery and helps to train new teachers.

I think the most important thing about what I had learnt was that I was able to do anything I wanted and that it was only my thoughts and attitudes that restricted me. I have since done a lot of educational qualifications but none are so prized as my N.O.C.N certificate in Addictive Desire Recognition that I achieved from this course. Without this the rest would not have happened. I think the knowledge that I can make a lifelong plan to NEVER USE AGAIN is by far the most empowering and liberating feeling I have ever had. I have never looked back at that decision with anything other than a sense of achievement.

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, Course Co-Ordinator

Intuitive Recovery was a real turning point in my life. It has given me something non-users will never get - a feeling of genuine pleasure each and every time I don’t use. I will never live in fear of using again and now have enormous pleasure in teaching this course to others caught in the mindset of being addicted.


Chelsea Howles

Chelsea Howles, Office Manager

I joined Intuitive Recovery early in 2009. My role is to oversee the running of a busy office, ensuring the thousands of referrals we receive are responded to with the maximum efficiency.

I enjoy working for Intuitive Recovery and the rewards are a part of this.

As well as developing my skills over the years and developing a friendly office team it’s really nice to get such positive responses from both our learners and partners.

It’s great to work in a company whose sole aim is to help people become happier.

Jade Flynn

Jade Flynn, Data Analysis Administrator

I first joined Intuitive Recovery on an apprenticeship in 2011.

My main role when starting was to help process the large numbers of referrals we receive everyday whilst going through Business Administration and an Accounting qualification. Since then I have gone on to qualify in both subjects and decided to stay with the company due to the time and investment they have given me.

My job role now is in data analysis ensuring that learners and partners get the most out of our work by using the information we are given to improve our learning and development.

I work closely with the rest of our team including Tutors, Managers and Directors and i really enjoy the good working environment we are all a part of.

Seeing and hearing the positive results from former students makes working with Intuitive Recovery a highly rewarding job.


Richard Kendrick

Richard Kendrick, Course Co-Ordinator

I was persuaded to sit the course, with the words from my key worker ringing in my ears. “If you don’t sit it, what else is there for you? “. I hated the world and everyone in it. I blamed the world and everyone in it for all my problems. I was suicidal after losing my son through my selfishness and horrible behaviour towards the ones who loved me. I sat the course knowing it wouldn’t help, how could it? I had been addicted to something for 20 years. So day 1, I sat and listened and found it very interesting, almost fascinating. Day 2, I walked out knowing I would never use cocaine again, incredible!! It answered the question I had been struggling with for years. Why am I doing something I hate, I simply trained “IT “to believe it needed coke to survive. I then was told “IT “couldn’t make me do anything, it could only ask, I was in control not “IT “. That was me done, I walked out on day 2 free from my addiction. After completing the course I righted the wrong and asked for forgiveness from the people I had hurt, I then forgave myself. I put the past to bed there and then. I have my family back and never been happier. All I had to was to make the easiest decision of my life, to stop using the drug that was killing me and the people around me. IR saved my life, well I did it myself, and they just showed me how. Thanks

 Mathew Wilson

Matthew Wilson, Course Co-Ordinator

The Intuitive Recovery Course was the answer to all my problems, thankfully after all the years of pain and misery, I had found an intervention to regain control of my life. The skills in which I learnt during the course helped me overcome my addiction forever, and empowered me to the point where I now had choices in life and not only one decision to use. The course is easy to understand, no nonsense, no excuses, life changing.

Iain Fairclough

Iain Fairclough, Course Co-Ordinator

Many years of my life were spent in addiction, blurring as I changed substances. I don’t feel I could honestly say when I became a slave to my incorrect, but easy choice. Lifestyle only added strength to my use, but only succeeded in denying me the answers I needed. How easy it was to move from “weed”, to “ecstasy”, to “cocaine” and of course alcohol was a massive factor.

Crime fed my desire to live the lifestyle I chose and I viewed my decisions as business and not crime. A means to an end is a powerful drive, my will to achieve my focus. Police and court intervention was standard in my alternative occupation, but not a deterrent. Always staying in employment to front my corruption I failed to see how misguided I was. The success in addiction to alcohol and cocaine was highlighted by my failings in life.

Greed, this was my keeper and it allowed me to move away from morals and inhibitions. Fun, good times, both long forgotten in my addiction. Greed comes with heavy costs and I found, that when I realized that, I’d lost myself to IT.

I had to change! I entered services, that help overcome addiction and my quest began. Long and arduous the task to beat it was reinforced with every meeting I attended. My peers told me it was for life and I had to accept that. I was not prepared to accept it though and through helpful guidance through key-workers and the C.A.T. I found myself at Intuitive Recovery.

The course was like a breath of fresh air and started to give me what I really craved….ANSWERS! It was almost as if Peter Bentley (I.R. founder) had reached inside my head and taken out my way of thinking and put in a tangible order for me to digest. The course stripped addiction to it bones in a clear, conscience way. Very easy to understand and “Shoots straight from the hip” so to say. Skills learnt on the course not only beat my addiction for- ever, it also improved my life skills with a new thought process.

I cannot praise the course enough and to quote Nitzsche;-

“The world is what you think of it, change the way you think and you can change your life!”

Intuitive Recovery changed my life!

Craig Batin, Regional Manager

I had spent twenty years involved in this love/hate relationship with various drugs, never being quite able to understand just why I was still doing something that was destroying my life.  I had to ask for help, I’d lost almost everything and I still couldn’t see a day where drugs were not a part of my every day life.  That is when I was referred onto the I.R. course and all that was asked of me was to listen with an open mind.  I did, and by day two I knew I would never use again.  ‘I’ had control back from ‘IT’ and more importantly ‘I’ had the tools and skills to not only maintain that but also improve my life massively.

Phil Reynolds, Course Co-Ordinator

I had got to the point were my use of cocaine had been totally out of hand for several years. I had numerous friends and family ask me to go and seek help for quite some time but I was never ready to ask for help as quite a big part of me still loved using. In 2011 though I reached a point were I was starting to hate cocaine more than I was liking it and decided I NOW WANTED help and I knew I couldn’t live in that world of addiction anymore. I sought help from my own Doctor who referred me to a local drug service centre for an assessment. It was then that I was offered the Intuitive Recovery course. I was told by my key worker that this 4 day educational course could help me put my addiction to bed happily with no regrets for the rest of my life. Upon hearing this it made me feel really sceptical about attending. I had nothing else going for me and nothing to lose though so decided I should give the course a go and be open minded whilst there.

Amazingly after attending lesson 2 I knew I would never touch cocaine ever again, the course just answered the questions I was looking for and it gave me the answer as to why I was doing something that I didn’t want to be doing and ensured me that my addiction was a truly separate part of me and that I could say no to that voice that was asking me to use. Thankfully my tutor talked me into still attending lessons 3 & 4 as they really did put the final nail in my addictions coffin. I walked away from lesson 4 shouting ‘I WILL NEVER USE AGAIN AND I WILL NEVER CHANGE MY MIND’

The course has now opened up many doors in my life such as enabling me to become a course tutor delivering the Intuitive Recovery course to help those also seeking help like I once did.

Ian Cuffy, Course Co-Ordinator

Intuitive recovery was a breath of fresh air for me opening my eyes with very simple facts. I’d been using for many years despite not wanting to. Intuitive recovery helped me to understand my behaviour and take back control of my life intuitive recovery is truly my rebirth to a new and improved self.

Ilya Kennard, Course Co-Ordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course in 2010 begrudgingly, thinking it was yet another group therapy session where I’d heard it all before, worn the t-shirt and was still none the wiser as to why I was able to stop using substances but not able to stay off. My key worker (one of a long list) knew of my struggles with staying stopped and referred me on to the course, after having sat it herself. I thought that after 26 years in addiction I was never going to stop and stay stopped, that I must have this ‘crippling disease’ that I was being told that I had!

Halfway through day 1 of the course it was like the missing jigsaw piece had finally been found and slotted into place. It was explained to me in very simple terms what addiction really is, why I craved and that I could say NO to the nagging voice inside my head. On day 2 I knew my addiction was well and truly over, my bag of excuses was empty and that I would NEVER use again. I was given the tools to finally put my addiction to bed and have now been given the opportunity to deliver the course in London.

Thank you Intuitive Recovery!

Terry Fritz, Course Co-Ordinator

I had been using drugs and drinking for over 25 years and in the early years I must be honest I enjoyed every moment. However, something changed but I was unaware of this because my head would tell me that I was alright “you’re not as bad as the rest” and I believed the lie. The years went by and my long term relationship with my parents went from wonderful to horrible in a blink of an eye. I stopped seeing my baby boy, it was not that I stopped loving him that was far from the truth, my love for drugs and drink seemed stronger. I was out of control and my family had to step out of my life, they had tried almost everything to help but I just didn’t want help, why would I need help I didn’t have a problem. How can you help someone who does not want help.

 I completed all three treatment episodes, however still came out and used, it made no sense. The treatment centre didn’t have the answer to my question in fact, I was unsure of what question I needed to ask. I continued with the war, well that is what it felt like, day in and day out not wanting to use but using. I had given up all hope until one of my closest friend said “you need to take responsibility” and there it was “my moment of clarity” it was all about me. I was able to move forward with my life and stop using. The thought of spending the rest of my life saying “my name is Terry and I am an addict” just didn’t feel right I wanted to step away from my past.

The years continued to move forward, as they do, not stopping for a break and I was able to stay off the drugs. I was still unsure of the question to ask about my drugs use and who to ask because I stopped trusting the service.  What I had been told over the years didn’t add up. I have a friend who was in active addiction who I kept in touch with once or twice a week. He was unable or unwilling to stop using I called him just to find out how he was doing, he sounded different. He was talking to me about the “mid-Brain & Neo – cortex” saying I have not used for a while now. I just went round to see him and it was obvious something was different in his life. He talked about IR saying how it was so simple to understand and use in his life. I made a decision I have to sit the course which I did. All the answers I needed were on the course the Tutor knew what she was talking about.” I loved it” I just knew this was the way forward. I have now been able to build back a relationship with my family, who can see the changes I have made in my life. Although my son still holds some resentment towards my past behaviours, we are still able to have a conversation. I now am able to take care of myself I go running, swimming and spend some quality time with my family.

I am now working for IR and enjoying every second of my work. What is the most important part for me is that I believe in the course so it’s not like I am working Confucius ( was an old Chinese teacher ) that said” Find a Job You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”

Stuart Lindsay

Stuart Lindsay, Course Co-Ordinator

I came to Intuitive Recovery numerous years drug free, I sat the course with a mindset that you could “never say never”. I viewed the word Never as being a failure and always wondered why I always went back to using, I came to the course on the back of an addiction to Heroin, Crack and Methadone for over twenty years and with that came a belief that I had built through being involved with lots of different services and support groups that I had to be attached to some sort of service and could never say never. Over the four days that I sat the course, coupled with the skills and education that I learnt My belief changed and the course Empowered me to say that “I will Never use Drugs Again”...I am no longer a slave to my addiction.

Phil Clarke

Phil Clarke, Course Co-Ordinator

Although managing to stay abstinent for many years I still considered myself an ‘addict’, just one that wasn’t using at the moment. As soon as I sat the course I knew instantly that this simple approach was definitely the way forward for me and since completing the course, I have finally put my addiction to bed – permanently! I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am excited at the opportunity to teach others the skills that they need to happily get the addiction out of their lives for good.

Keith Hughes

Keith Hughes, Operations Director

Keith joined Intuitive Recovery in December 2012 having worked within the substance misuse field in a variety of roles with NHS Trusts, Charities and the NTA for over 20 years. Having seen the impact the course had on people over those past years Keith leapt at the opportunity to work with Intuitive Recovery. Keith stated that ‘being able to contribute to something that was actually about helping people to successfully leave addiction behind and move on with their lives was the most attractive thing’. Getting back to where it had all started before methadone and risk aversion became the norm. The motivation, belief, passion and desire of staff to help people change for the better make Intuitive Recovery a great place to work.

Lianne Wood

Lianne Wood, Course Co-Ordinator

My life was completely destroyed through my infatuation with alcohol. I lost my home, my two beautiful children and nearly my life, but drinking still seemed like a good idea to me – or so I thought!!

I always thought addiction was me from head to toe until I sat the Intuitive Recovery Course. I found out that in fact, my addiction came from a small part of my brain, a part that “I” could control. I had a choice. The course answered all those previously unanswered questions and took away all my excuses to carry on, so I stopped and I have never looked back.

I am now reunited with my children, have a lovely home, become married and have learnt to drive, all by doing one simple thing – making the decision to stop. I am now a proud member of the Intuitive Recovery team, teaching others the course that helped to save my life and I couldn’t be happier.

George Thornton

GeorgeThornton, Course Co-Ordinator

I had tried various courses and interventions to try to stop my using, but I found that I would always go back to drugs. From the first lesson I identified with the tutor and the course content, I felt at ease and understood. IR took away all the excuses I hid behind and showed me a simple solution to my problem I will never use drugs again and I will never change my mind.


Danielle Churchilll

Danielle Churchill, Course Co-Ordinator

Intuitive Recovery gave me the skills to end my addiction forever. I realised that I could regain control of my life and most importantly recover. I had spent years feeding people excuses, playing the victim, blaming everyone but myself. I loved the approach, no excuses, no nonsense just taking full responsibility for your actions. I can honestly say it changed my life. I love working for IR and see on a daily basis how positive, empowering and powerful what we teach is.


Gustaf Du Plessis

Gustaf Du Plessis, Skills-tu Employment Development Manager

I joined Intuitive Recovery at the beginning of September 2013, after having worked extensively in the Advice and Guidance field. My previous role involved developing methods to get the job seeker to learn and expand their skills to gain employment. I successfully beat my own addiction years ago by coming to the simple conclusion that I could take decisive action to end it. When I met the employees of I.R I felt as if I was coming home. It was a relief to discover that I was not the only person who understood that clear thinking and action radically changes the present and the future. My current role with I.R is Skills-Tu Employment Development Manager and I am driven by seeing the evidence that S2E works, especially when people who believed they would never work, gain sustainable employment.


Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell, Administration Assistant

I have been working with Intuitive Recovery since November 2013, working through my apprenticeship in Business Administration since leaving college.

As well as covering various administrative roles I also ensure the large numbers of referrals we receive are attended to efficiently as well as data inputting. I also answer the phone to take enquiries understanding the importance of a polite and friendly welcome.

My ambition is to grow and develop with this company and have already gained some strong skills to help me in the future. I really appreciate people calling and letting us know how they progress as it’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

I very much look forward to continuing to work with Intuitive Recovery as this has been a great start to my career.


Hannah Cornwell

Hannah Cornwell, Course Co-Ordinator

After spending 18 years using Heroin and Crack daily I had gotten to the point where I honestly believed I would spend the rest of my life in misery fighting and failing with my addiction.

Detoxes, rehabs, prison and having kids were just some of the things I did to stop me using - but it was never enough, I always went back.

After many years in services being maintained on Methadone my keyworker suggested I did Intuitive Recovery which I agreed to just to get him off my back.

It was completely different to anything I had ever done before and I absolutely loved it, I finally understood why I kept going back to something that had robbed me of my life for so long and decided on day 3 of the course that I would never use again and for the first time ever I actually meant it.

Since then my life has changed beyond belief, I have 3 very happy children, healthy relationships with friends and family and have been given the fantastic opportunity of becoming a course co-ordinator with Intuitive Recovery – I couldn’t be happier.

Laura Harpur

Laura Harpur, Course Co-Ordinator

I had spent years of trying to find a way out of love/hate relationship with drink and drugs. I destroyed my life and everyone around me but still continued to carry on. Although I hated my life and the destruction that the drink and drugs were causing, there was a part of me that still wanted to take them.

I tried several interventions and always came out of them feeling powerless over my addiction. Intuitive Recovery gave me the knowledge and skills to take responsibility and make that decision to stop. Since stopping my using I know have the opportunity to deliver the course to others.


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